OMM Preparation: Past OMM Map Analysis

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 13.05.34Given that this is the first time I’ve done the OMM, I wanted to take a look at the maps from past years to get a feel for what to expect.  From my analysis of the maps posted online here ( ) and the results of the 2014 event posted online here ( ), I have come up with the following conclusions:

– It looks like the gaps between checkpoints are roughly averaging around 1 km, with some as long as 5 km.  I was happy to see this because it means that under good weather conditions it’s possible to have line-of-sight view of the next gate so running on a bearing is much easier.
– I didn’t see much of a pattern from the winning times of the runners on the C course.  The top two finishing teams had chosen the same control sequence, but I don’t have much insight into why they chose the controls in that order (other than the obvious reason that you’d want to hit the chosen controls in as sort of distance/time as possible).  I think I intend to plan my way around the course as it happens, rather than have some sort of pre-defined route.  Would be good to hear some experienced OMM competitors talk about how they choose their control sequence.
– I like looking at maps!  It gets me excited about both the mental/intellectual challenge in addition to the physical challenge.  I’m sure I’ll make plenty of mistakes this first time out, but will learn.

Please comment if you have any insight into how to best plan a route though the OMM C Course.

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