OMM Preparation: My Kit List

Over the past couple of months I’ve spent a good deal of time researching and refining my kit list for the OMM mountain marathon. As of today, I’ve acquired all the minimum kit list as defined by the OMM rules ( I’ve also gathered the food I intend to take over the 2 days and split out the team equipment by weight. So, this list is my “first cut” of the complete kit. Now I’m in the process of slimming it down and making weight/warmth/comfort/calorie tradeoffs.

When I first started to gather together the stuff on this list it was clear that all of my “family camping” gear simply wasn’t going to be suitable due to size and weight. I have a pretty good 3 season sleeping bag and a nice two man North Face tent, but even these would take up nearly all of my 24 available litres and probably most, if not all, my target weight allocation. So, it was time to do some research and get out the credit card…

Target weight and Calories

My target weight for my full pack was around 6.5 kg and a minimum of 4,500 kCals of food over the two days. Currently, with food, my full pack has a measured weight of 7.1 kg, which I think is acceptable given that I’m carrying 6,000+ calories. I expect I will adjust the food one way or another once I do the mini marathon in the Brecon Beacons in the next few weeks. I should also be able to drop some of the weight.

The Kit List

Below is the google spreadsheet I used to compile my pack list. A few notes about the columns in the sheet:

– “Item” – The thing
– “To buy?” – Do I need to buy the item? (‘x’ = still to buy, ‘-‘ = waiting to be delivered)
– “Packed?” – Is it currrently packed in my bag?
– “Quantity” – The number of the item I intend to pack
– “Weight (g)” – Weight in grams per item
– “Total Weight (g)” – Total calculated weight (Quantity x Weight)
– “Can be lighter?” – Can the item be made lighter somehow?
– “OMM Required” – What part of the required OMM kit list does this item satisfy

Under the section called “Clothing (running)”, I don’t count any of this towards my total pack weight. Things that say “pete” are items that my teammate Pete will buy or carry.

Below in the green sections you can see the totals. “Total Weight (g):” = The total weight of everything. “Total Pack Weight (g)(not running gear or pack itself):” = as described. “Total Pack Weight (g)(not running gear or pack itself, minus 1/2 shared):” = as described, weight of gear minus half the shared team weight (e.g. this is the actual weight of the gear in my pack I will take).

Under the food section I also calculate out the kCals in each item and total that up as well. See the previous post about my Trail Mix recipe.  Note: You may need to scroll to the right in the spreadsheet to see the calorie calculations.

As far as extravagant items I have on the list that are “extras”, I have a lightweight sleeping mat and pillow, a pocket knife and a slightly heaver thermal survival bag (which I intend to use with my sleeping bag at night).

I’m pretty sure I’ll be making many changes to this pack list over the next couple of months, so check back for updates. I’ll also post articles on research I did into specific items on the list.

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