OMM Preparation: Todd’s Trail Mix

I have a pretty basic trail mix recipe that I like to take out with me to sustain me between proper meals, especially if I’m doing an activity that sucks up my energy.

Todd's trail mix in bowlIngredients

Essentially, there are 3 ingredients that you mix in more-or-less equal parts:
– Honey roasted Peanuts (180g – one bag)
– Plain chocolate M&Ms (165g – one bag)
– Raisins (180g – measured)

Total Recipe Batch Weight: 528g

In the past I’ve added other stuff like pretzels in there, which is nice too, but I find that this is simple and gives me the most satisfying texture and mix of flavours.  It’s also fairly easy on the stomach (at least for me) and packed with calories.


– Honey roasted Peanuts (5.87 kCal/gram, 1056.6 kCal/recipe batch)
– Plain chocolate M&Ms (4.89 kCal/gram, 806.85 kCal/recipe batch)
– Raisins (2.93 kCal/gram, 527.4 kCal/recipe batch)

Total Recipe Batch kCals: 4.528 kCals/gram, 2390.85 kCals/recipe batch

Sealing the trail mix bags

Sealing the trail mix bags


1) dump ingredients into large bowl, 2) mix with clean hands.

Depending on the situation, I may seal the mix in 23x33cm Ziplock Mylar Bags using an iron on the top edge.  These bags have a notch in the top so it’s easy to rip open.

If you have a favourite  trail mix recipe, then please share in the comments below. Enjoy!

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