New Adventure: Rogue Runs Mini-Mountain Marathon 2015

cover4What is this Adventure and why am I going?

The Rogue Runs Mini-Mountain Marathon in the Brecon Beacons, Wales, UK is a two day mini marathon event.  I’m going mainly as training for the OMM (see earlier post).  This seems like a nice and relaxed opportunity to understand how mountain marathons work and if my gear/camping equipment will work out once I get to the OMM.  They use the same electronic gating system and honing my navigation is my goal.

We’re only doing the one day short course to ease into the scene, with an overnight camp to try out the tents, etc.

Who am I going with?

I’m going with long-time family friends Thursten and Thursten’s brother-in-law Pete.  Chris might also come, although he’s nursing a busted knee at the moment.

What’s the story so far?

So far I’ve done the prep work for the OMM, which will feed into this trial run.  Check out the OMM articles for more info.

General Event Info…

Dates: 19-20 September 2015

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