New Adventure: Munich Oktoberfest 2015

Foto: Lukas Barth/dapd

Foto: Lukas Barth/dapd

What is this Adventure and why am I going?

It’s Oktoberfest, the harvest season festival that takes place various places around the world, however, the most famous one is in Munich, Germany.

Although there is plenty of history and tradition I’m sure I’ll learn, I’m pretty much going to embrace my German heritage by drinking beer, eating pretzels and generally taking in the sights.

Who am I going with?

I’m going to go with my brother, Scott.  It’s always been on our bucket list and we’ve talked about going for years now.  This year we finally have the time and money to go.

What’s the story so far?

So far I’ve done very little research.  We’ve booked our hotel and flights, so we have firm dates and a place to stay.  I did some research about the beer tents.  My buddy, Ben, who has gone before, gave me the heads up about how it all works.  From what I can tell, if you don’t have a large party, then you don’t need to book.  Just rock up to the beer tents (there are many different famous ones to visit) and find yourself a table.  I will need to look more into this and keep you posted…

General Event Info…
Dates 2015: September 19th – October 4th